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Today the scenario has changed. It is not only bookish knowledge but practical and analytical approach. It is like two people looking at the same thing differently. That is why it is said that

I learn Better When I Do It Myself, my way.

We in this small world of children are going to try the same. As it is well-known fact that “NEWTON WOUD NOT HAVE DISCOVERED GRAVITY IF HE WAS NOT RESTING UNDER AN APPLE TREE”. The falling apple was the real-life experience that gave birth to the concept of gravity. Here we would like to make the children do their learning in their way with a Ping Pong, ups and down, bouncy experience. Soon attaining a firm bounce in their step, the base will be steadily made. Let us join hands in the venture to introduce a new chapter to Haridwar kids. Let the ball be a special bouncy ball having the care and protection of both sides to start a new journey with every bounce.

An overview of
Ping Pong

We began our journey on March 15th 2016 with a vision.We wanted to start off a playschool that could cater to the needs of the present era where children could learn,play and grow in a secure and loving environment.We leave no stone unturned in providing our children the best of everything because these are the years where they for the first time come out of the protective shell of their parents and explore the outside world.

We firmly believe that every child is different and unique in his or her way and hence they must be nurtured patiently.Our teachers relentlessly put in the best of their efforts and experience to help our tiny tots in realizing their true potential.Following are the key ways through which we are currently accelerating the process of learning in the kids:

  • Audio-Visual classes
  • Field Trips
  • Classroom Activities
  • Festival celebrations



To let the children be children

Innocence is an essence of childhood that must be retained at all costs. No matter how much competition exists in the society today,we believe that every flower blooms when it’s time is perfect!

Safety and Security

They are small,vulnerable and innocent; hence, our prime concern always remains that we provide utmost care, security and safety to our tiny tots.

Help children in realizing their uniqueness

We see comparisons happening everywhere when it comes to habits, grasping power and temperament of children. We however hold a different opinion – every child is different, unique and special in their own sense. A child grows in life only when he/she understands their uniqueness. We love to catch hold of their hand while they take on this journey where they discover what they are made for!

Teaching them skills

Since it’s their first step outside their homes, it is our responsibility to hell)them acquire social,communication, emotional-regulation skills. Right from how to speak; to how to eat their food themselves to how to stand properly during the morning assembly, we prepare them well before they march onto their bigger schools.

Activity Oriented Learning

Textbook knowledge is essential but at the same time,a child must know how an apple looks and tastes like!

Trained Professionals

For the entire time when the child is in the school,he/she is under the protective shade of the teacher. Hence we make sure that we hire people who are efficient and know the responsibilities that come with the job. We as an institution always train our teachers before we hand them our little gems.



Over-all development

Innocence is an essence of Instilling confidence and facing stage-fright are the two key areas where we work hard to help our children in keeping pace with the current environment.

Modern infrastructure

We are looking forward to build a physical environment which his 100% child centric.

Providing premium preschool education

We tirelessly strive hard every day so that our parent’s dream of sending their child to a good playschool can come true!

Watch our kids excelling in formal schools

We lay the foundation of good values, confidence and the will to overcome any difficulty in our kids. This helps them in coping up with the standards of the various formal schools where they step in after they step out of our little paradise.

Regular training & monitoring of staff

In today’s era everyday new techniques of teaching are introduced,thanks to the current technology. We firmly believe that as we grow, so must our staff, for which we regularly conduct workshops to upgrade theirskills.

Creation of NO STRESS ZONE

The word Playschool itself speaks volumes of how the place should be. There might be a rat-race around us, but childhood is certainly not the right time to take a part in that race. One grows and learns when there is no stress involved in the process of learning. Hence stress never makes its way through the door of our school!

Message from



“We aim to provide Wings to our kids, So that They can fly High”

On behalf of whole faculty, We would like to welcome you and your family to Ping pong Play School! Ping pong has been providing excellent care and learning for children 2 years to 6 years of age for the past 2 years! As the years changed so has our school. Although we have always strived to provide quality early childhood education, After extensive research we have began our journey into the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education. This philosophy in education really encompasses everything we feel and know about early childhood education.
                          At Ping pong we view each child as creative, capable and curious learners. Children learn in so many ways, and we feel that children should learn in an environment that is suitable to each child versus the classroom as a whole. The environment plays a vital role for a child to learn. Children’s work is always valued and displayed with documentation about the project along with conversations between the children. Teachers at Ping pong take extra time observing all the children to really get to know them individually, watching for each child’s interest and skill sets. Children are encouraged for peer interaction, share ideas, stage presentation, learn and use problem-solving skills daily.
As a director of Ping pong School, Our foremost notion is to inculcate enriched Human values and a bright Characterism in our children, because we believe in overall development and laying a strong foundation for our children’s future.
                          Our secondary but equally Important focus is on Social awareness which in today’s world is extremely significant.
                          “We aim to provide Wings to our kids, So that They can fly High”
Just as the children are encouraged to collaborate, we encourage parents to collaborate with us as well. Parents are always welcome into the classroom, and we look forward to seeing family and friends at all of our special events and Birthday celebrations. We want your family to extend into our Ping pong family.
                          It has been such a privilege to work with hard working staff, We cannot wait to see where this journey will take us! We encourage you to really dive into our website and learn all you can about our school. We also would like to invite you to come and see our school first hand! We are always excited to share our enthusiasm and would love to inspire others!

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