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Where children could learn, play and grow in a secure and loving environment.

Welcome to Ping Pong

We began our journey on March 15th 2016 with a vision. We wanted to start off a playschool that could cater to the needs of the present era where children could learn,play and grow in a secure and loving environment. We leave no stone unturned in providing our children the best of everything because these are the years where they for the first time come out of the protective shell of their parents and explore the outside world.

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Age Group : 2yrs- 3 yrs

Objective of our playgroup is to develop motor , oratory, social , Imaginative skills at early childhood age. This program also helps in Phonological awareness. 


Age Group : 3yrs- 4 yrs

Our Nursery program helps to nurture the knowledge of children and develop social skills. We focus on teaching the children reading, writing, and collaborative activities.


Age Group : 4yrs- 5 yrs

Our LKG program is composed to stimulate and satisfy the child’s curiosity in a fun, exciting and developmentally appropriate way.


Age Group : 5yrs- 6 yrs

The progress of child is monitored by participation in hands-on activities & observational assessments. Our children will grow socially and emotionally, 


Our Development Model Seven Domains of early-childhood development

A day at Ping Pong

So, let’s learn how a pingpongian spend a day with us:

Welcome with positivity
Attendance & Assembly
Morning Routine
Short Break
Language Time
Concept time by models
Lunch TIme
Maths Fun
Water Break
Play time / personal grooming session

Ping Pong Virtual Schooling

Pingpongian’s club, An initiative by Pingpong Play School, to bring the world to the little kids. Let’s connect, interact and communicate globally!

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What parents say

We also see our school with two more branches spreading the city providing quality education and development.

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In 2 years, we see Ping Pong to achieve top position in regional area and be recognized by you for 2 years consecutively making it a hattrick.

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