Today the scenario has changed.It is not only bookish knowledge but practical and analytical approach.It is like two people looking at the same thing differently.That is why it is said that

I learn Better When I Do It myself,my way.

We in this small world of children are going to try the same.As,it is well known fact that"NEWTON WOUID NOT HAVE DISCOVERED GRAVITY IF HE WAS NOT RESTING UNDER AN APPLE TREE".The falling apple was the real life experience that gave birth to the concept gravity.Here we wolud like to make the children do their learning in their way with a ping Pong,ups and down,bouncy experience .Soon attaining a firm bounce in their step, the base will be steadily made. Let us join hands in the venture to introduce a new chapter to Haridwar kids. Let the ball be a special bouncy ball having the care and protection of both sides to start a new journey with every bounce.